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Martin Luther Christian School

National Lutheran School Accreditation

National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA) encourages and recognizes Lutheran schools that provide quality Christian education and engage in continuous improvement. It is completely voluntary and is available for every school operated by a single congregation, by an association of congregations, or by a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod or the Lutheran Church—Canada.

NLSA serves a variety of levels of schools; early childhood, elementary and high schools and all combinations of the aforementioned.  It helps Lutheran schools evaluate their academic quality and the spiritual dimension of the school. The standards and report forms are similar to other accrediting processes, both secular and religious.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Allows you to identify and celebrate your strengths
  • Exposes weaknesses that should be corrected
  • Provides validation for your program’s existence
  • Prepares a “blueprint” for improvement for the next seven years
  • Removes your ability to procrastinate and postpone important things that should be done
  • Rallies support from people who might otherwise not have been involved
  • Builds cohesiveness among staff members
  • Strengthens your image in the community
  • Provides you with a PR tool for your arsenal
  • Connects you with hundreds of other LCMS schools that have already worked through the process
  • Provides a set of objective eyes (site evaluation team) to review your work
  • Provides accountability to your community, constituents and congregation.
  • Compares your program to a set of objective national standards for Lutheran school
  • Provides the opportunity to evaluate the spiritual component of your school
  • Helps establish an image for your program
  • Provides motivation for staff development
  • Validates your credibility through an objective outside agency
  • Publicly acknowledges the quality of your institution
  • Provides the opportunity for public acknowledgement and celebration
  • Is something every Lutheran preschool, elementary school, and high school can and should attain

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