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Martin Luther Christian School

Middle School

Mrs. Glaskey and Mrs. Doner

MATH:  All math classes are presented with explicit instruction which includes:
1.  Presenting to the student what they will learn and why it is important.
2.  Explaining the concept and modeling.
3.  Teacher guided practice exercises which are a representative sample of the
    exercises in the practice section.
4.  Student practice which includes challenging and thought provoking questions. 
5.  Review

The Glencoe Mathematics curriculum is a comprehensive, well-balanced program that prepares middle school students for success in algebra and geometry.  Through a carefully planned scope and sequence of mathematical topics, students encounter, practice, and extend their knowledge of mathematics to promote confidence and mastery.

SCIENCE:  In addition to regular science class periods, we are excited to introduce several new components to the science curriculum including a science lab and a unit on forensic science.

COMMUNICATION ARTS:  Communication Arts: This class combines the subjects Literature, Spelling, English and Writing. Students will be studying the works of excellent writers both in the textbook and paperbacks.
Students have an excellent opportunity to strengthen their writing skills through the textbook series- Shurley English.

TECHNOLOGY:  We have integrated technology into the core subject areas.  There will be an additional technology lab on Wednesdays.  Students will work with laptop computers for research, writing, and a variety of presentations and projects.  Students and parents need to sign the technology agreement.

RELIGION- We are in the process of transitioning to the new Concordia religion series, One in Christ.  All upper grades will have One in Christ textbooks.

The Bible (English Standard Version), Luther’s Small Catechism, and the class text book will serve as the materials for religion classes.  Discovery Guides, Bible Handbooks, and other Bible study tools will be used.  Students will be expected to memorize passages of Scripture and selections from the Small Catechism.  Cramming of memory work is not acceptable.  Verses will be reviewed regularly and any past memory assignment may show up on a memory test at any time.  It is my hope and prayer that students will leave Martin Luther at the end of eighth grade with more than 100 verses committed to memory.  Please look on Fast Direct for memory assignments.  There you will find a document with all the assignments for the year.  The class calendar shows when tests and quizzes are scheduled.

In our Lutheran school, many denominations are represented by our student body.  All denominational differences will be treated respectfully and in Christian love while presenting Lutheran doctrine.  Parents are encouraged to be involved in the religious instruction of their children, helping them understand the differences, especially when it comes to memorization of passages from the catechism.  Mrs. Glaskey is happy to assist parents in this way.


5-6th GRADE:  Students will make a comprehensive study of the world through the themes of GEOGRAPHY and a study of WORLD HISTORY.  Technology based projects will be used to bring lessons to life for students as they explore the amazing world God has created.

7th GRADE:  In AMERICAN HISTORY, students will develop an understanding of our nation’s past through a chronological study.  We will utilize an online textbook to enhance learning.  We will also use historical fiction to more fully understand the lives and times we study.

8th GRADE:  Students will study CIVICS and GOVERNMENT to prepare them to become active and responsible citizens in a democracy.  Students will be expected to memorize key passages from the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and other important historical documents.  Debates, persuasive and informative speeches, and discussion of current issues will be included. 

Middle School

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